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Want to party with Juan Pablo?

juan pablo

Of course you don’t. No one in the world wants to party with Juan Pablo Galavis from The Bachelor… and yet this dude thinks he’s the shit. He’s hosting his first party in Atlantic City at The Pool After Dark, and hilariously, he’s promoting it WITHOUT mentioning who in the hell he is/where he’s from (i.e. without any mention of the show) and thinking that people will care enough to come.

I don’t even want to think of the sad Jersey trash that will show up to that party – and I can say that because I was born there and grew up in the state, and also because anyone who thinks partying in AC with Juan Pablo from The Bachelor is a great idea is most definitely trash. But hey, if that’s you, own it!

From TMZ:

TMZ has obtained the flier for Juan’s upcoming club appearance at The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City on March 29th — and NOWHERE on the flier does it mention “The Bachelor.”

Looking at it, you’d think Enrique Iglesias canceled and the club was forced to hire a cheap replacement.

And it’s no accident — sources tell us, Juan specifically instructed the casino NOT to associate him with “The Bachelor” in any press releases or fliers.

And his ludicrous demands didn’t end there — we’re told Juan agreed to a 15-person meet-and-greet on the condition no one asked about his reality show stint. Same rule goes for reporters looking for interviews.

Best part — he’s getting around $20,000.

UHHH…. insane.

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  • Heh, more like The Bachelor franchise told him to get their name out of his mouth for LIFE.