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4Kate Winslet Named Her Son WHAT?


Kate Winslet and husband Ned Rocknroll had a kid and I offered up a list of wacky baby names. They didn’t take any of my suggestions, but they may as well have. Because guess what they named their son?


Bear Rocknroll. A spokesperson for Ms. Winslet confirmed the name to People. (And actually confirmed the name “Bear Winslet”, so I guess the kid is using his mom’s name. Because I guess Bear Rocknroll is just too cool.)

And here’s the weirdest damn thing — he’s not the only Bear of a celeb out there in the world. Alicia Silverstone also named her son Bear.

What do you guys think of the name?

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December 23, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives
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4 Responses to “Kate Winslet Named Her Son WHAT?”

  1. lala says:

    Wolf is actually a normal name in germany, so for me Bear is not too bad.
    I mean, in the US you can name your kid whatever you want (Pilot Inspector anyone?) so he could have ended up with something much worse. His dad had his last name changed to Rocknroll after all..

  2. Louie louie says:

    Great a unique name that turns out to be not so unique? Too bad I kinda liked it.

  3. Collette Mayhew says:

    What does her being name mention by the Kate Winslet?

  4. Mia More says:

    I had a cat named Bear when I was a kid :|

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