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Here’s What Miley Cyrus Has to Offer on the Bangerz Tour

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Miley Cyrus is something else, man. Before heading out on tour to support her latest album, Bangerz, she promised to drop some junk on the audience (free merch!) and also that seeing her in concert would provide an ‘educational experience’ for children, which… girl, no. However, maybe we were being too hasty to judge. Maybe she would indeed surprise us and put on a tasteful show in which she did indeed illustrate some important life lessons. You never know, right?

Wrong. As you can see from the photo above (and all the ones below), the Bangerz Tour is a bit of a shit show, full of her same cultural appropriating, twerking bullshit. That’s not to say that it’s not probably kinda fun – Miley’s had some good tracks, and she even performed some of the oldies but goodies during her first show in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day. Uh, hello? ‘Can’t Be Tamed’? ‘Party in the USA’? I’m into it!

The visuals, though… it’s getting so, so tired.

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  • i don’t get how these celebrities can say that their sexual antics on stage “empower women”…that is always the canned tag phrase they use, and i’ve heard her say that from time to time as well…all it is, is classifying yourself as a series of different holes…and your worth is based on how many men want to screw you. how is that empowering?