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Photos: Simon Cowell’s Baby Son Eric Is Pretty Cute

simon cowell eric

Simon Cowell and his soon-to-be-wife?/girlfriend/former friend’s ex-wife welcomed their baby son Eric this weekend at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and while I think we all can agree that this will be the most spoiled rotten child born since Prince George, we had to know one thing: what’s he look like, for God’s sake? (This is apparently something people wanted to know.)

Well, good news: he’s cute! He’s basically just a wrinkled little baby person, like most newborns are, but he’s a cute one already, so that bodes well.

Simon seems to be a super proud and doting daddy, which is sorta adorable and not at all surprising given his interactions with kids over the years on the various talent shows he’s judged on. He always winks at them and is super sweet – completely different from his hard ass persona. Here are a couple more photos he posted on his Twitter page:

Awww, cute!

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