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Lindsay Lohan Spent Valentine’s Day Bar Hopping


Lindsay Lohan spent Valentine’s Day with her sister, Ali Lohan — and according to TMZ, who posted the photo above, a lot of booze. The two sisters spent the evening in NYC bar hopping.

Lindsay is famously sober now, so the question is, did she partake or was she merely visiting? Do you think she has the willpower to go to bars and not drink?

Since she made her sobriety so public, I think it’s a fair thing to question. Personality, I don’t think this girl is capable of changing. I think we’ve given her so many chances and so many opportunities to get it right, and even if she wasn’t drinking last night, she shouldn’t put herself at risk by going to bars.

What do you guys think?

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  • She and her “people” say she’s sober and she always tells the truth, right? I wish people would have given me the same number of chances in life as this woman gets because she’s one lucky individual, living the rich life.

  • Yikes Lindsay is lookin a little too Rocky Dennis in this pic and her sister looks like Heinz Doofenshmirtz !!