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Will Amber Heard Ever Shut Up?

amber heard

For someone who’s only marginally famous (C+ list only because of her relationship with Johnny Depp, let’s be honest), Amber Heard sure has a lot to say. Funny enough, most of it is obnoxious. Sure, she’s young, so it makes sense that she’s gonna want to waffle on about her theories on life and all it entails. Doesn’t mean it’s not eyeroll-inducing, however.

Her latest admission comes in the form of an interview she did about her new film 3 Days to Kill. It’s apparently an action film co-starring Kevin Costner (lol), and Amber was asked what attracted her to such an adventurous role. Here’s her answer:

“I would always prefer to shoot the gun than wear a wedding dress,” she explained. “It is far more interesting to me.”

Yes, we get it. You’re not just some pretty blonde! You’re hardcore and way too smart to play stereotypical roles! You’re such a bad-ass.

I actually do think it’s a really admirable trait to want to go for something different and not take the kind of roles she could probably most easily get, but I feel like this girl is ALWAYS proclaiming how wonderful she is and how she’s just too smart to accept her own beauty and all that shit. You know, she’s really struggled with being so pretty, guys. Boo hoo.

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