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Why Did Johnny Depp Propose to Amber Heard?

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There have been rumours flying around that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are engaged, and indeed those rumours are based in truth: they’re going to get married! They’ve been dating since about 2012-ish (it’s a bit murky), so it might seem a bit early for rings to be put on fingers, but oh well! They’re doing it!

People wanted the inside scoop on why they got engaged. I feel like that mostly happens when two people love each other, but maybe I’m not clued in to something, so here’s what they found out:

What made Depp get so serious so fast? “She’s a great match for him and his individuality,” says a source who knows Depp. “She’s a free spirit.”

Well, that was enlightening.  Don’t forget that Johnny was with Vanessa Paradis still when he met Amber on the set of The Rum Diaries. Amber was, at the time, in a relationship of her own, with photographer Tasya Van Ree. Some say they were so taken with one another’s “free spirit” that they both cheated on their partners at the time to do the dirty. Who can say?

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  • I think its surprising not that its so fast but that he was with Vanessa for forever and had kids with her and never felt the need to get married, so why now and so fast with a new woman?

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