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Usher Is Staging an Intervention for Justin Bieber Down In Panama

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Usher was Justin Bieber‘s mentor for many years, so he presumably cares about his well-being (and may or may not have a financial stake in it). Since Justin has been getting in all sorts of trouble and it’s getting serious now since arrests are involved, Usher’s decided to take a break from… whatever it is he’s doing these days to fly down to Panama, where Biebs is currently sunbathing away from the American press, to stage an intervention.

From TMZ:

Sources tell us Usher flew to Panama for a serious come-to-jesus with JB on the heels of his arrest in Miami.

We’re told Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, and Justin’s childhood friend Ryan Butler, are also there for the sit-down. Scooter got roped in for a pic with a Belieber at the resort where they’re all staying.

We haven’t heard this word used, but this meeting has all the earmarks of an intervention.

Well, fair enough, but I doubt an intervention of any kind is going to help this kid at this point. Maybe they should have intervened for the past six years to keep him from getting this way. But no, that would have been too easy and might have stopped the money flow! Couldn’t have that now, could we? Fuck that.

I do think Justin needs to get into rehab stat and get off the Sizzurp and pills and all that, but what difference will rehab make when he gets out and starts hanging out with the same people? When the damage of being a child star who’s been exploited for all of his teen years still hasn’t dealt with all that properly? Nice try, but I think it’ll take more than a measly sit-down in Panama to fix all this, and too many paychecks are involved to make it worthwhile.

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  • I’m always amazed when the people in the life of young celebrities, the ones who either make money off the celebrity or are being financially supported by the celebrity, become “concerned” for the celebrity late in the game. As if! They didn’t want to rock the boat sooner for fear of losing money or support from the celebrity. It’s been clear for over a year now that this kid has a problem.

    • Ya I don’t know what but I really expected more out of Usher. I don’t know what exactly their relationship is “mentor”? but he had to have seen what was happening with this kid so sitting back and waiting this long before stepping in seems negligent? IF he even gives a shit?