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Justin Bieber Thinks He’s Michael Jackson Now

justin bieber michael jacksno

Justin Bieber has been in some serious shit lately, making his first (of what I’m sure will be many) trips to jail after a DUI and drag racing and loading up on Xanax and weed and God knows what else. He’s out now, and while many would expect him to apologize for his behaviour or offer up some kind of explanation for what in the hell is wrong in his measly brain, we kinda got the exact opposite instead: an Instagram photo of himself outside of prison pasted next to a photo of Michael Jackson. Because yes, they’re SO COMPLETELY THE SAME.

Let’s take it one step further and see what his caption for the photo was, shall we?

“‘What more can they say’ ?”

Yep, seriously. But wait, that’s not all! We even got a bonus tweet from the King himself, telling his Beliebers that God is there for them and to stick together… because presumably he realises he’s hemorrhaging fans quicker than he can down a bottle of Sizzurp.

Fuck this kid.

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  • Maybe, in his patented “no fame whoring way”, he’s telling us he likes to fondle little boys just like MJ?

  • I guess we all know who will be headlining next year’s Black’s Gala…. I bet lea is all but ready to name drop him now that Roy is on retainer….Bitch is getting off