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Taylor Swift Embarrassed Herself, Thought She Won Daft Punk’s Grammy

taylor swift
I love Taylor Swift. I can’t help myself, I just do. Not in a way that means I listen to her albums – which I do have in my iTunes, by the way – any more than once a year or anything, but she does have some “jams” and I do find her to be sorta adorable. And I can see why, when you’re used to winning everything and always coming out on top, you’d sorta grow to expect it in a way… which I suppose is the only explanation for what happened last night.

As the coveted Album of the Year award was being announced at the Grammys on Sunday, Taylor preemptively got a little excited for her win… which wasn’t actually hers. In fact, the trophy went to Daft Punk, but Taylor’s face before she realises that is absolutely priceless. Seriously, take a look at this:

It’s slightly tragic – and yes, I know, it’ll be obnoxious to the Taylor haters  – but I think this is absolutely hilarious. Thankfully, her brain catches up with her face pretty quickly, but woo boy, it was tough going there for a second. Surely that deserves an award of its own, right?

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