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Josh Lucas Is Getting a Divorce

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I’m going to be honest and level with you here: I have no idea who in the hell Josh Lucas actually is. I had to Google him, and even after I’ve seen a list of the movies he’s been in – which include A Beautiful Mind, Sweet Home Alabama and Stealth, in case you’re equally as clueless – I’m still not quite sure what his deal is. I do know that he used to date Rachel McAdams back in ’09, so that’s something?

In any case, he married a woman named Jessica Ciencin Henriquez a little less than two years ago after they met in a dog park in 2011. In 2012, he proposed when she got knocked up and their blessed union came to be later that year. And now it’s over – they’re getting divorced. Surprise!

Henriquez apparently filed the divorce papers earlier this month in New York. The reason behind the split isn’t known, but I think it’s rather obvious: they barely knew each other, she got knocked up and they tried to do the “honourable thing” by old world standards and it was a disaster.

In any case, Josh Lucas is single again, ladies!

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