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Justin Bieber Made Bail, Is Out of Jail

justin bieber

Justin Bieber may have been grinning like a hyena in his mugshot, but things seemed a bit different the following morning when the little dickhead sobered up and realised he was actually in some shit. He went before a judge in Miami on Thursday morning to answer to his charges and looked more than a little confused and ashamed (though not quite enough for my personal liking). His bail was set at $2,500, which he obviously posted, and he was released yesterday afternoon. HE’S ON THE LOOSE!

Apparently Justin told police that he’d been “popping anti-depressants”, smoking weed and drinking beer all day. Something tells me he was doing far more than that, but sure, let’s go with it – we know he’s got a Xanax addiction. He probably thought they wouldn’t know what “Sizzurp” was so just said beer instead.

In any case, Justin’s manager, Scooter (A GROWN MAN NAMED SCOOTER – THINK ABOUT THAT) Braun finally responded to all that’s been happening by… not taking any responsibility and acting as if the world was inflicting all of this upon Justin instead of the other way around:

Oh, fuck off. If only the earth really was flat… they could both fall off of it.

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  • The toddler singing punk’s worth as much dead or alive to his parents? Or so much much more one way.. as he’s not a beg for allowance bother to them pretending to care and enabling him with compliments and super-bad parenting advice because they too did much wrong in their younger years.. thus they have little regret or bad conscious with any thing about his messed up callous attitude and bad behavior? I wonder are they secretly helping him create the increasing sad and dangerous situation and damning publicity stunts laughing at his drugged and drunken state and dramatic breakdown too? Just saying

  • It’s only a matter of time before Justin Beiber makes the full transformation into becoming Leif Garrett. I’m looking forward to watching that train wreck, just hoping he doesn’t paralyze anyone during his downward spiral.

  • It’s interesting that the cops lied about everything and framed him. I can’t stand the little twerp but dishonest police are even more alarming and annoying.

  • i have a friend who works for LA Sheriff. There was a lot more weird shit going on in Beiber’s house than was talked about, unfortunately the search warrant wasn’t unrestricted and they can’t do anything about it. Justin got off EASY…he’s into some TWISTED shit. If he was smart, he would have mirrored his life after Justin Timberlake who was able to make the transition from teen star to legit entertainer. This kid is done, nobody (over 20) will take him or his music seriously, ever. Estupido.

  • Little dick here’s giving me serious Zack Morris vibes! Anyone remember the Zack Attack “Friends Forever” episode when Mark Paul dresses like Vanilla Ice? LOL I just cracked myself up! And per usual, I’m with blondewithbrain. TOTALLY.