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Russell Brand Thinks His Relationship with Jemima Khan is “Like No Other”

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Russell Brand has a seriously hard time with monogamy, but he’s giving it a go again, this time with Jemima Khan, the European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair and associate editor at The New Statesman. She’s brainy, and Russell likes that. He also likes that she’s physically attractive because he’s still only into “top crumpet”. Apparently this relationship is a whole new ballgame for Russell – which is exactly what he said about his marriage to Katy Perry – but let’s just go with it, shall we?

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Russell explained:

“I’m very, very happy in a relationship that feels very different from anything I’ve experienced before.

“I feel like it’s grounded in friendship and a sort of love and it’s all well cool and exciting and stuff, but it feels different for me.”

“She’s a gorgeous, beautiful woman. I’m still superficial. I’ll still only go out with top crumpet. I’m going to be really kind in this relationship. I haven’t been out there trying to nail everyone.”

Well, that’s very special and all, but what a slap in the face to your ex-WIFE that you were out there “trying to nail everyone” while married. Real stand-up guy.

It’s so hard to like Russell Brand – which I very largely do, because I think he’s incredibly smart, funny, etc – because he acts like a total dickhead in terms of how he treats women. Of course, the women are dumb enough to get with him, so fair play on that, but come on!

Who knows, maybe this one will work out for him. HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, couldn’t even keep a straight face there.

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  • Can you please please stop writing about him? Your posts are always so bloody bitchy and it’s seriously annoying.

  • I think he wants to be monogamous, he just is super needy. (sex addict and all). Things ended with Katy when she went on tour and wasn’t around for half a year/year. That would be tough on any relationship. I hope things work out for him. not my type- and i would be afraid of his wandering eye- but i hope the best for them.

  • He’s an intense and strange man. Look at those eyes. She’s pretty intense too. Interesting. He’s an ass. It’s genuine rather than just for the sake of comedy. He walks his ass talk. A genuine piece of shit.