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Beware: Miley Cyrus Wants to Drop Her Junk on You

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is soon going on tour to support her latest album, Bangerz, and she’s got a special surprise in store for those in attendance. While fans are sure to be treated to plenty of twerking, near nudity and grinding with little people, she’s also planning to drop her junk on you all night long. Don’t worry, there’s no risk for STDs (this time): she’s merely going to be giving away free merchandise throughout the concert.

As she revealed on a press call:

“I want to give [my fans] real things they can collect. I’m a little bit of a hoarder.

It’s my mom’s worst nightmare. [And] I hope my fans become hoarders also [so] I’m giving a lot of junk away [at the shows]. I’ll have things falling out of the sky that most people would sell at the merch table.”

Aw, well isn’t she generous? Maybe she realises that no one in their right mind would pay $35 for a t-shirt, or that they’ve already paid so much to get to the damn concert, the least they can get is a free shirt or a water bottle with her name on it. After all, Miley’s not greedy:

“My thing has never been about me making money. I did [that] when I was a kid. I made the money I needed to make and now it’s about putting money into the tour and making sure my fans get the best show, [making] it worth going to see.”

Well, bless her heart, I suppose.

Apparently each show will be 90 minutes with the band and all the weird production and then she’ll sit down for an acoustic set that can go on for “as long as she wants”. Joy! At least it does seem like she’s legitimately trying to make it a good experience for people coming to her shows. I won’t be going, but you know, those who are will enjoy it, I’m sure.

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  • Bless Cyrus heart. She’s a young lady discovering her sensual side, and learning to use what she has to get what she wants. It just so happens to be on another level then most of us. However, this is recipe for disaster. I saw a concert where the performers where throwing things in the audience and people went crazy. They started fighting and stabbing each other, and a riot broke out. Please rethink this Miley, because this is not the kind of attention you want.

    • There is nothing sensual about anything Miley has done recently. And she is not discovering anything. She hasn’t made one move, or uttered one word that hasn’t been spoon fed to her by her handlers.