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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Jude Law is excited!

Jude Law is excited!

Time for another round of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Since I covered Golden Globes fashion here, I won’t be highlighting any of that in this post. You’re welcome.

Check out what some celebs were wearing this week and then make your picks for who looked the BEST, WORST, and most WTF.

Which celeb ripped off Sharon Stone‘s 1998 Oscars look? Which celeb ripped off another author’s book cover? And which celeb probably ripped off their dress at the end of the night and thought, “WTF was I thinking?”

Let’s get to it, babies!


Amy Adams in one of her classic boring “running errands” outfits. Listen, no one masters the art of “running errands” outfits like January Jones or Reese Witherspoon (both of whom are featured in this post, DON’T WORRY). It’s crazy how much Amy Adams changes when she goes from ordinary to glam, because when she’s not all made up I think she’s crazy-ordinary looking, and then when she brings it I think she’s stunning.



Anna Kendrick at the UNICEF ball. You’re going to see more outfits from this mess — everyone who showed up, showed up in their worst. I think Ms. Kendrick has looked better. That hair — girl. You are not David Bowie posing for the Aladdin Sane cover. And looking at the top of that dress hurts my boobs.



This is exactly what I’m talking about. Here’s Cheryl Burke from the same event. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DRESS?



Here’s Drew Barrymore promoting her book. Want to know what my biggest problem is? It’s that she ripped off the book cover design from Miranda July:


I don’t blame her, it’s a great cover design. But come on!! Outfit is cute though.



My other Goddess, January Jones. Who else could wear white jeans with a white threadbare tee and look so good? I can’t believe she was ever pregnant. On anyone else this outfit would look boring and most likely unflattering.



This is Lady Gaga at a Golden Globes after-party. She looks fantastic, but I barely recognize her. What does she keep doing to her face? Is it fillers? The shoes are so Stodden that when combined with the gold lamé of the dress, the whole look is kinda tacky. But damn, her bod is FIT.




So, this is someone named Kim Chandler. I know I’ve seen this dress or this design on a different celeb, but I can’t place who. I think the dress is diabolical and she should ditch it. It looks like she’s wearing a chair from Anthropologie. Am I insane for liking the funky shoes?



Michael Douglas. I don’t know if the weird facial hair is for a film role but…um, I kinda like it. His tux needs to be way more streamlined and skim his body instead of just hang on it. I know he has the money to afford a tailor or a decent tux. You can do it, Michael!



Here’s Snooki at her book signing. Okay, I think this is a bit much for a book signing. It looks like she’s going to promote a club in Vegas, not a mommy book at Barnes & Noble. She looks totally hot, but I think celebs (or rather, their stylists) need to factor the actual event into consideration when choosing an outfit.



Here’s celebrity “chef” (if you watch her show, you know she doesn’t really cook so much as assemble), Sandra Lee. Oh my God this dress. It’s like a 1980’s prom/wedding nightmare. I’m also getting serious early 1990’s Wheel of Fortune-era Vanna White vibes.


Suzanne Somers

Also at the same event (does UNICEF now stand for “U NEVER IGNORE CRAPPY ENSEMBLES, FRIENDS”?) is Suzanne Somers. This pains me, because I love her, but this is just a terrible look. Where to begin? Like, does that dress really need a belt? Is that what it was missing? I think I’m just gonna leave it at that.



And finally, Tea Leoni. I get what she’s doing here — it’s very Sharon Stone at the Oscars in 1998:


But here’s the thing: that was nineteen-ninety-eight. I don’t think we’ve hit the time where we can successfully revive ’90s fashion. Unless it’s 1890’s. Bring that shit ON!

Here are my picks:

BEST: January Jones
WORST: Suzanne Somers
WTF: Cheryl Burke

Your turn!

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  • Jude and I are aging in similar ways unfortunately! I was hot when he was hot. Now I look like a middle aged woman and he’s looking pretty damned middle aged too.

    Oh, to age like Christy Brinkley! She is still smoking hot at 59. Life isn’t fair.