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Paula Abdul Got Burned — From A Tanning Bed


Paula Abdul straight-up got burned, badly, from a tanning bed. I really shouldn’t make puns because it sounds like she was seriously injured, and what sort of person would I be if I joked about a thing like that? I mean, I may as well draw penises all over celebs’ faces. But anyway. Back to Ms. Abdul. Here’s what TMZ is reporting about the incident:

Paula claims in her lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — she went to UVASUN in L.A. back in 2012. She bought a SlimStar infrared body wrap treatment and then apparently went into the tanning bed.

When she came out … she claims she suffered gross burns over her body, an “especially severe second or third degree burn on a portion of [her] left thigh.”

So really, this is a serious thing. OKAY HAVING SAID THAT, MAY I ASK: who the hell still uses tanning beds??? It’s just a question, not a judgement. I just thought those went out with the ’00s.

Also, how did she not realize she was getting severe burns? Was she high? IT’S A FAIR QUESTION.

Okay but once again, in all seriousness, get better, Paula Abdul.

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  • My father in law….. The goofy fruit is 83, dons a hair net, nut sling and hits the tanning bed. Judging from the amount of vapid bimbos that are always with him, it seems to work for him. Well, that and a pile of cash. I watched him in action one night….22 minutes for him to hit on & get the number of a 23year old, and it was actually her number… Go figure….

  • My hubby uses sun beds, as a way to ease his chronic psoriasis which covers 65% of his body – we even have one at home. No way I would use it though, and he wouldn’t either if he didn’t have to. I have to check him weekly for changes in moles etc, and we even have a ‘mole map’, they are dangerous but for him it’s the lesser of two evils. There’s still loads of people over in the UK that do though, for some mad reason.

  • I know what she feels like, the first (and only) time I used a tanning bed I knew nothing about it and the attendant gave me 10 minutes in what apparently was a high-powered standing unit and it wasn’t until I got home into the shower that I realised that I was severely burnt. I was maroon for a month. Luckily thanks to my tanning ignorance I left my underwear on, I had a tan line on my waist and legs for a year after.

  • im sure it was the wrap that caused severe burns. People use tanning beds all the time but I’ve never heard of wrapping yourself first. Im sure that helped cook her worse than a tanning bed itself.