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Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked, But He’s Still Not In Jail

chris brown

Chris Brown is a dickhead of the highest order (and is currently training up Justin Bieber to follow in his footsteps), and frankly he should have been in prison a long ass time ago. After he assaulted Rihanna. After he assaulted any number of people, really. And yet here he is, free as a bird, out there in the world to assault more people and get away with it. Ain’t life grand?

It seemed as if the tides were turning this week when Superior Court Judge James R Brandlin decided on Monday to revoke Chris’ probation following his most recent assault charge in DC, according to The AP. He’s still got to go to rehab and do a shit ton of community service, which he’ll probably lie about again, but for some reason no one requested for him to be arrested???? Is this not how things work? I assumed when one was on probation and then they break that probation REPEATEDLY and then a judge revokes it, that means your ass is about to be behind bars. When did the law change? Anyone?

The judge is going to set out an “arrest report” (whatever that means) later this week and Chris will have to return to court in February 2014 to update them on his progress. I DON’T GET WHY HE’S NOT IN JAIL. It’s like we’ve rewarded him for assaulting another person by taking away his probation, meaning there are literally no conditions on this guy. Can’t wait til he goes out and kills someone. Maybe we can give him 1,000 more hours of community service then.

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  • Uh, unless you aren’t aware, California has an absolute joke of a criminal justice system. Federal judges have ordered the release of 46,000 FELONS because poor California doesn’t provide “proper” healthcare to the absolute scum of society. Of course, building more prisons and hiring more prison guards/nurses/doctors costs a ridiculous sum of money in California, compared to EVERYWHERE ELSE in the USA, because of moronic union and environmental rules.

    POS Brown and the other celebritards rarely face any consequences from the legal system until they commit felonies repeatedly.

  • He is the male version of Lindsay Lohan repeat offender with no real consequences. Enjoy your bullet proof life D Bag.

  • you know i always see when he is accised on here …never when he is cleared of said charges…..interesting