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Chris Brown Has Been Ordered Back to Rehab

chris brown

Chris Brown has been having a bit of a rough time lately, eh? After his most recent misdemeanor assault charge, someone on his management team got smart and decided it was time for him to go to rehab to confront some of his anger issues. Of course, he didn’t stay there very long and in fact left after about two weeks. I personally don’t see a problem with that. After all, two weeks is more than enough time to change your violent, homophobic ways and become a well-adjusted, law-abiding member of society. What’s the problem here?

Well, there is clearly a problem as Chris hit court on Wednesday for a progress hearing on his 2009 “I beat Rihanna but I’m over it and you should be too” case, and a judge decided that, considering how he beat someone up in DC last month, he probably has some more serious issues to work on and he needs to head back to rehab for another 90 days. While there, he’ll have to undergo drug tests as well as taking any prescription drugs provided to him by the rehab staff. A tranquilizer, maybe?

Here’s E! Online‘s roundup:

Agreeing with the recommendation of the probation department, L.A. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin ordered the singer to spend another three months in a residential treatment facility, submit to drug testing and take medication as prescribed by his doctor.

Brown is also required to complete 24 hours of community service a week during the course of his time in rehab.

I wish we could lock this asshole up and throw away the key. Just make sure to put his buddy Bieber in there with him before you lock it up.

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  • seriously girls, don’t you read each others posts?? posting the same links twice, posting “news” that were posted as news the day before already but with more details…this site’s really deteriorating. too bad. wendy should come back. or emily & sarah.

      • Calling the kettle black ? Your alway judging people with the meanest, rudest comment like your views even matter . You need to just go away and stay in your hole because you don’t know how to function in the real world that’s why you troll the Internet because you know your safe other wise in public you’d get your ass beat ;)

      • Dream on fucktrumpet, I suggest you read some of Wendys old posts…. Any parent, who refers to their children as bitches or fuckers, suckdiddlyucks! You still livin large with all of your lottery winnings?

      • You really are crazy . I wonder if your kids read your post and see how mean you are to people ? Good role model loser . This site is so much better when your not on it ;)

  • You are aware that these are two totally different stories, right? Catherine’s story was about his first stint at rehab ending due to his violent nature. This story is about his being ordered back to rehab stemming from his 2009 assault case. Lord almighty.

  • no matter what ,no one can disrespect their mother and have it easy, a better you walk the disrespect the love of his life because of his tugs friends tell him..Sorry to know that he’s going down hell street but he causes it.
    The love of your life publically forgive you and because she’s not like Karrueche Tran she cant sit and wait on shit to be handed to her, she have to go work her’s the king of life she wants to live when she cannot tour ” Don’t judge less you be Judge “where is all them friends a RiRi a come save Chris Brown.

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