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Bradley Cooper Admits Drugs Almost “Sabotaged” His Life


Bradley Cooper wasn’t always the big name he is today. At one point, he played a dude in Sex and the City who taunted Carrie for looking crappy on a magazine cover. Remember that? Yeah, that was him. I still think it’s his best role to date.

So while he’s moved on to bigger things and wants to settle down and have kids, he had to overcome a major drug addiction. He was very frank with QG (although declined to say which drugs exactly he was doing, hmmm). From GQ (their questions are italicised):

In 2006, he got married—to the actress Jennifer Esposito—and then divorced, four months later. A year or two before that, he’d gotten sober after a bad run with alcohol and drugs, the varieties of which he declines to specify. He was 29, confronting the fact that “if I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life.”

Did it ever have any effect on your work?

“I mean, it has to have. And to this day, of course, because it’s a life experience. And all I do is bring life experience. That’s all anybody really does. It’s inescapable.”

But it was never like, “Oh, I didn’t show up on set.”

“Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, never. No. You mean like, in a logistic point of view, like: ‘He’s late?’ No, no, no.”

So it was more of a personal thing—it wasn’t like work was getting f-cked up?

“No, I think work was getting f-cked up.”

This sheds some light on why he’s been living with his mom for over 2 years. Maybe she’s a really good anchor for him and keeps him healthy and sober. Whatever works, man.

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