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LOL Of The Day: Lindsay Lohan Wants Her Singing Career Back


Lindsay Lohan wants her singing career back, and it’s incredibly generous of me to describe her as ever having one. But I’m in a spirited mood. She instagrammed the above photo of her in a recording studio. TMZ says she’s got her druggie heart set on busting out an album. From TMZ:

Lindsay was in a New York City recording studio over the weekend, experimenting with various tracks. Lindsay has one hit under her belt — “Confessions of a Broken Heart” — which is in the pop genre, but we’re told she’s now more interested in EDM.

Our sources say Lindsay has not signed with a label yet but that’s what she’s gunning for.

Please, no one give this girl any more chances. Although how great was the laughable “Rumors” song and video? “Why can’t they back up off me,” she moaned. “Why can’t they let me live?” Watch and relive the delicious 2004 memories:

Lohan, being an asshat at karaoke bars does not qualify you for a record contract.

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