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Snooki On Quitting Drinking: “My Breast Milk Was Full Of Alcohol”


Snooki AKA Nicole Polizzi has a book coming out (ugh) in which she gets very detailed, gritty, and even gross about what it was like being pregnant and having her baby. She’s always been frank about her body, so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, but I was surprised by her reason for quitting drinking, because I didn’t even know it was physically possible; apparently, she drank so much, that her breast milk was “full of alcohol.” From her book, Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and All the Messy Milestones Along the Way, via Daily News:

I could smell the sake bombs in the [baby] bottle. My milk was so full of alcohol, I could have used it to start a bonfire in the yard. I could have cleaned the toilet with it.

Wow, that’s just…awful. She added that after that night of partying,

my boobs ran like a river and the entire front of my dress was soaked.

If this is your thing, there’s a chapter in the book on pooping, and another dedicated to farts. The Great Gatsby it is not.

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  • You know what? This is kind of great. There are so many things that they never tell you about pregnancy and after until it’s too late. This might be a real eye opener and education for the gals that are into Snooki.

    • I was about to make a similar comment, but I agree with you 100%. Having someone in the public eye discussing topics like this can provide some valuable information for girls who might otherwise make the same mistakes.

  • They tell you before you leave the hospital if you plan on any celebration that you need to get the little sticks to check your milk . It’s on several paper also . Maybe that twit just can’t read ! Also the nurse that comes in and tells you about breast feeding tells you too , their really is no excuse for stupidity !