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Newsflash: Demi Lovato Had a Serious Substance Abuse Issue

demi lovato

Ugh, Demi Lovato, you make it so hard to love you. You’re a great role model for young girls and it’s inspiring that you got your life together when it was such a mess, but can you change the fucking record already? Seriously, is it the only interesting thing about you? You’ve switched from being addicted to drugs to being addicted to the drama of the story of when you were addicted to drugs. It’s maddening.

So what’s Demi talking about this time? Well, basically, she wants us all to know that she can’t drink in moderation or even smoke, because she’ll end up back in rehab if she does. Go on then, Demi, tell OK Magazine this very new and never-heard-before story:

”Some people can smoke and drink recreationally. I’m not one of those people. If I do that, it will spiral out of control very quickly. I’ve lost the privilege of being able to drink responsibly.’

”I’ve definitely struggled a lot with drug and alcohol addictions – even more than with my eating disorder.”

Good to know. And I’m certainly glad you know your own limits and don’t want to go back there… but Christ almighty, can we move on already? As someone who has never suffered from addiction, I’m sure that’s easy for me to say, and I certainly don’t think there’s a day that goes by that she doesn’t have to monitor herself and make sure she doesn’t go back down a slippery slope… but does EVERY interview have to be about it? Does she literally have nothing else to talk about? I’d rather hear about a dog she saw on the street while she walked to her car at this point.

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  • Meh, it’s slightly annoying. But in light of the fact that she does SO many interviews, and is probably asked about these issues by every single interviewer, I don’t think she talks about it a ridiculous amount. Sure, it feels like a broken record to us, but I’m sure her soundbites about addiction make up a small percentage of what she talks about in interviews yet are the only pieces to wind up splashed across the gossip blogs and magazine covers.

    It reminds me of the whole Jennifer Aniston / Brad Pitt situation. As often as Aniston is probably asked about Pitt, it seems she really only comments on it once every few years, but every time she does, it makes national news and everyone complains about the broken record that she is.

    Just my 2 cents…

  • She wouldn’t have spoken about it out of nowhere, she would be responding to interview questions. Calm your vitriol down.

  • I actually think its refreshing that’s she us so honest and candid about what her addiction has been, and how bad it was. Going to rehab almost seems like a celebrity badge of honour now, and something to coyly hunt at and then never speak of again. She’s been honest about all her issues and how it has affected both herself, and everyone around her. For once, we should be thankful that someone is explaining that actions do have consequences, rather than having people like Lindsey ‘it was some one else’s fault, I don’t have a problem’ Lohan. All too often we hear if celebs getting away with their behaviours (see Lindsey, Chris Brown, the Bieber) and here we have someone being open about her mistakes and taking responsibility. Personally, I think we should be applauding her.