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Do You Care How Much Jenny McCarthy Weighs?

jenny mccarthy

I don’t see why anyone needs to know what number Jenny McCarthy sees when she gets on the scale, but I guess she’s proud of it and wanted to share it with the public, so here ya go: she weighs 136 pounds. Uh… congrats?

From Radar Online:

“I’m a big yo-yoer. I do go up and down. I go from like 120 to 138. Right now I’m at 136, I think,” the 5’7? actress, model and comedienne told Radar.

“And I take this time to thoroughly enjoy it during the holidays. I’m kind of part of the collective thinking when it comes to just surrendering to the not so great foods.”

But McCarthy, 41, admits she hides her weight well.

“Sometimes it has to do with PSM. I drink a lot of water! When you have a lot of water it kind of tends to go everywhere,” she said. “Like a little bit in your neck and a lot in your boobs and your arms…to me it’s more evenly spread out I think.”

Is this seriously something worth spending an interview on? I’m no Jenny McCarthy fan so I don’t care about anything she has to say, actually, but like… really? She has nothing more interesting about herself than how much she weighs? How sad for her. I can see why fans of The View find her so offputting.

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  • I see what you mean about offputting….BUT Jennie is a freaking genius when it comes to health. She might be saying that because not many other stars are honest when it comes to weight. There’s alot of anorexia in Hollywood. Her center for autistic kids is miraculous. She found the right stuff for her son. I am a huge Suzanne Somers fan merely for her brilliance with bio-identical hormones and beyond. People don’t always realize that these people are much more than “air headed blondes” because of their roles in the public eye. Somers is very easy to listen to as well. I work in the field of nutrition and she’s very smart, imo.