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Lady GaGa Gets Naked, Listens to ‘ARTPOP’ Every Day

lady gaga naked edit

Lady GaGa can never seem to keep her clothes on, so it should be no surprise that she decided to strip down for some full frontal for Candy magazine which, not to be rude, but what even is that? I suppose I’m not ~avant garde~ enough to know, but either way, I definitely did NOT need to see the muff here. In fact, I didn’t need to see any of this Charlie Chaplin goes to hell nightmare that is this photo.

You’ll find the full uncensored photo behind the cut below, but I also wanted to share this touching little tidbit about our little friend Stefani Germanotta. Apparently she listens to her new album, ARTPOP, every single day because it has “magical powers”. I’m glad SOMEONE is listening to that piece of shit, I suppose.

lady gaga tweets

Don’t worry, GaGa. I make a statue of me every day! Who wouldn’t? Dear God.

Anyway, a little bush for ya below the cut in case you can’t fight your curiosity anymore.

lady gaga naked

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