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0There’s a Life-Sized Lady GaGa Doll And It Will Terrify You


Only in Japan would something like a life-sized doll of Lady GaGa – the ‘GAGADOLL’ – be a real thing that someone thinks is a good idea. However, it exists and there’s even a teaser video now of it being made. The Japanese branch of her record label posted the video online earlier this week, and lots of people have been guessing that this is the latest project in her Tech Haus design branch. Yes, she has a Tech Haus, and previously they made a “flying dress”. God help us all.

I don’t know what the hell this really is – there’s no real info, but there is a link to some forthcoming website called – but I do know I’m terrified.

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November 17, 2013 at 2:30 pm by Jennifer
Filed Under: Lady Gaga

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