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Lady GaGa: ‘I’ve Prepared My Whole Life to Host Saturday Night Live’

lady gaga

Lady GaGa is both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live tonight, and while I probably won’t watch because HOLY SHIT has that show gotten really, really unfunny, I am a bit curious to see how weird she’s going to be.

Here’s what she told Access Hollywood about her big moment:

“I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. I’ve been rehearsing my SNL hosting performance since I was 4, so I’m okay.”

“I actually told [the writers] to push it. I told them to have a good time and not be worried about me being offended or not liking anything. So they really went for it.”

She’d be in pretty big trouble if she was easily offended, because there’s just SO MUCH to make fun of. I would say it’s great that she doesn’t take herself so seriously, but we all know that’s not the case

Will you be watching tonight (or catching up on Hulu tomorrow)? Here’s her promo…

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  • A few observations from last night:
    1: She fit into the show like a hand in glove.
    2: She outperformed the regulars. She really should be a regular cast member. She’s that utterly natural.
    3: She ain’t no kook. She’s completely in control of the entire “thing”. No two ways about that.
    4: The wig was too long for the costumes. it got in the way..
    5: Her voice is way, way, better than Katy Perry. She has far far more depth than Katy Perry in many ways.
    6: Having said all of that her songs were kinda goofy. And the dancers and R. Kelly, if that’s who that was, was all kinda goofy schtick, but par for the course.
    7: I thought she did extrememly well. particularly all her skits and the opening monologue… Fantastic.

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