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Keira Knightly Wore Her Wedding Dress On The Red Carpet (Again)


So Keira Knightley‘s wedding dress was a recycled Chanel gown, and like, wouldn’t you do the same? But for a recent appearance (something called the Serious Fun gala in London) she added sleeves and a new neckline to her re-worked wedding gown and wore it on the carpet, again. It’s a gorgeous dress and she looks fab in it, so I get it. (Thanks to People for pointing this out).

But would you ever re-wear your wedding dress? This girl is reminding me of Marge Simpson when Marge got that Chanel suit and kept altering it on her sewing machine to make it look slightly different.

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  • No no no, mad props for that! The dress is gorgeous and she’s stunning in it and I love that she had the guts to wear it again. Isn’t that every bride’s dream? They have all those fabulous dresses and nobody ever dares wearing them twice? I like it.

  • I love Keira for doing this.
    A dear friend of mine married 12 years ago. Right on the next day she had her dress dry cleaned and vacuum packed. She hasn’t seen her dress since her wedding, because she’s afraid it’ll fall apart if she opens it. Why bother and buy a dress for a lot of money and you only wear/see it once for real?