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Benedict Cumberbatch: Still Posh

benedict cumberbatch

I’m soooooo fucking tired of hearing Benedict Cumberbatch talk about how he’s persecuted for being posh. SO tired. Boo hoo, the press keeps making fun of me for being upper class! Life is so hard as a rich white man who’s also incredibly famous! How will I ever go on? Give me break, dude. Also, the “I’m not that posh, anyway – I don’t talk like a posh person” thing is also getting old.

From GQ (via Metro):

“All the posh-baiting that goes on… it’s so predictable, so domestic, so dumb.”

“I’m an upper middle-class kid. I know that’s counted as posh, but then I know people who I would call posh, and I don’t talk like them.”

Posh-baiting? Like, is he for real? He’s legitimately acting as if rich people are persecuted? –__–

I really haven’t been able to for a while with this dude, but now I REALLY can’t. But wait, here’s a bonus! He met Madonna and they made fun of each other’s names:

Recalling his run-in with the Madonna, 55, the Star Trek actor quipped: ‘She said, “You’re the one with the strange name”. I said, “Yes, I am, Madonna”.

…LOL, I guess?

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  • “It’s so domestic” but that doesn’t sound posh at all. Jesus Christ he is absolutely insufferable. I am so glad his film about Julian “Rapist” Assange flopped.