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Uh, How About No: Benedict Cumberbatch Used to Expose Himself

benedict cumberbatch

A big ole “HAAAAAAYLE NAWWW” goes out to Benedict Cumberbatch on this fine Thursday, as he revealed in a recent interview that he used to expose himself in his youth (I’m hoping) in front of religious institutions. Because nothing says fun like getting your dick out in front of a church, right? I can’t with this guy.

From The Mirror:

The naughtiness included flashing church congregations while playing with other children on holiday in Greece. Benedict confesses: “I used to expose myself in front of religious places. I was a very hot, bored boy and was surrounded by people who were older than me who were goading me.

“So when they got bored or the football went through a stain-glassed window — not to be returned — they’d always get me to do pranks. So one day they said, ‘Go on, go on, go on. Pull your pants down!’ Of course I did. I obliged willingly, no pun intended.”

HAR HAR, willingly is really close to willy, which is a British word for penis! Life is so funny! IDK guys, I know all kids do stupid shit like this, but I don’t know many who recall it so fondly as adults. Whatever, everyone get naked! Do you, have fun! School’s out for summer! \m/