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…And Now Joan Rivers Is Using Homophobic and Racist Slurs

joan rivers

Joan Rivers has something to say about everything, even when her opinion is irrelevant and unasked for. That being said, none of us should be surprised that she felt the need to speak out in what I think was supposed to be defense of Alec Baldwin and his recent MSNBC firing over his use of homophobic slurs. I suppose Joan felt she should fight fire with fire, so when talking to TMZ, she went off on a rant that included using the words “nigger”, “chink” and “fairy”. Uh… WHAT?

I’ve always hated Joan Rivers and think she has zero idea of what’s supposed to be funny. “Shock” comedians don’t do anything for me – you’re not edgy or hilarious because you’re further marginalizing a group that’s already discriminated against. There is nothing appealing about that at all, nor is there anything appropriate about it. I know she’s an 80-year-old woman, but I sort of wish someone would walk by and bitch slap her right across the face. Not that violence is going to solve anything, I realise, but holy shit this makes my blood boil.

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  • Yeah I’ve not been really keen on her since a few years ago she claimed she could call a gay man a “faggot” because she was “Queen of the fairies”. People like that are the worst kind of homophobe. You know where you stand with someone who outright hates the community. She thinks she’s an ally like Baldwin does. She feels she’s entitled to call people names because she’s got gay friends or something, like Baldwin trotting out his hairstylist. :P Or that because she’s a comedian it gives you a free pass to be obnoxious. Yes we have freedom of speech, you (Joan and Alec) can say what you like, but we have the right to exercise our right to say if we don’t like what you’ve said.

  • Jennifer you are fucking brain-dead with this horseshit. She is a comic, stop taking her public comments literally. Do you ever consider context?

    If you don’t like her brand, then don’t watch – but don’t go further than necessary to slander this great woman who has gone out of her way to do MORE for the gay community than you ever I did, I’m sure.