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Joan Rivers Thinks Miley Cyrus Is Disgusting

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I generally don’t take Joan Rivers‘ opinion on anything seriously – besides maybe plastic surgery – so I’m not sure that her recent rant about Miley Cyrus will make many waves in Hollywood. However, she clearly felt she needed to lash out at the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer, who Joan describes as “disgusting”. Well, that’s that.

From OK Mag:

”Enough! That girl is disgusting. She should know her audience, and her audience is 17-year-old girls! I would never have let [now 45-year-old daughter] Melissa go to a concert like that at 17 years of age.”

Well, that’s nice and all… I mean, listen – no one can deny that Miley is over the top and a total mess, but to call her disgusting seems like a bit of a low blow. Some of what she DOES I personally find unappealing, but Joan Rivers is just such a miserable old fucking cow now. It’s a shame, because while I never found her funny, I can recognise how revolutionary she was in the comedy world. There’s nothing funny about the shit she’s been running her mouth about in the past few years, and I think SHE is the disgusting one.

I never thought I’d be defending Miley Cyrus – and I’m not, really really – but seriously, shut up, Joan Rivers.

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  • You think calling someone disgusting is a low blow and two sentences later you’re calling someone “miserable old f… cow”? After you’ve had time to think about what you would publish, under your own name, for the world to see (unlike Joan, who was just speaking whatever came to her mind)?

    • Yup, and I’d say it again: Joan Rivers is a miserable fucking cow. I’m not saying this out of nowhere, unlike Joan, who is a public figure making public statements about another female star for zero reason. I’m at least responding to something.

      I stand by my statement. I should get a t-shirt made with it!

      • right Jennifer, a girl said to me “what R u doing with that thing” I said she’s not a thing she’s a person

  • Calling Cyrus disgusting isn’t a low blow because she is, in all essence and being, completely foul. Can’t hate on Joan for a fact, and one that Miley has basically said that she capitalizes and thrives on.

  • Stars and comedians deliver what appeals to their audience if they want to survive in the business. All of this is a reflection of our society. If dignity and modesty sold that is what would be delivered. Miley is breaking the mold that she was placed in during childhood, and she is making sure it shatters. Clearly, she wants to be thought of as all grown up now. Reasonably so at her current age. Imagine the pressure she had as a role model for so many girls at such a young age. The pressure coupled with the money she makes is a dangerous combination!

  • The biggest joke will be on US when it’s revealed that, in fact, Disney owns MTV, whatever label Cyrus is now recording upon, the latex underwear factory, the foam finger factory, even the hair-elastics factory and the acrylic nail salon she goes to. Haha!!!

  • Miley is over the top but disgusting is also over the top. Everyone needs to calm down she is doing what a 20 something pop stars do and Joan knows the old Hollywood adage ‘ all publicity is good as long as they spell your name right’.