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Jennifer Lawrence Is Really Awkward, Shits Her Pants A Lot

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I like Jennifer Lawrence and find her willingness to be awkward and a bit eccentric in a public forum to be rather endearing. Having said that, her interview on The Late Show with David Letterman even made ME slightly uncomfortable. She seemed manic, overly hyper and couldn’t seem to slow down and just relax. I’m not sure what’s up with her – maybe this is just how she is all the time (I admittedly have read more interviews with her than I’ve watched), but man oh man.

You’ve gotta hand it to her for being one of the world’s leading ladies and still letting the world know that she’s a possible hypochondriac who shits her pants. I think Richard Lawson at The Wire best described what I was feeling:

I suppose it’s all charming, but I feel a bit of artifice and aggression seeping into Jennifer Lawrence’s whole “aren’t a I lovable good-times gal, just a real clumsy cut-up” shtick. This interview is a bit manic, like she feels like she needs to pedal a bit harder to get the same juice she used to get. Which is not good! We don’t want to see that. She should just be herself. Though I guess the trouble is, the more of these things you do, and Jennifer Lawrence does so very many interviews, you probably start to forget what that means. Herself. What is your real self, when so much of your life is the same anecdotes over and over again, answers to the same questions, an unending stream of compliments that demand modesty, or self-effacement. I’m sure Jennifer Lawrence knows her real self when she’s, I dunno, on the toilet or something, but herself as it relates to the public world, I wonder if that makes much sense to her anymore. Which is weird, and sad.

That seems right, but I still really like her.

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  • I had the same thing she had. I had a million tests. They said it might be all “in my mind” and I found out one hideous day it was all in my appendix. You have to have a special blood test to find the antibodies. HAVING SAID ALL THAT, I think (given her onstage symptoms) she snorted a little coke before coming out. P.S. Never swallow anything that Woody Harrelson gives you.

  • i think thats her personality, i know a couple girls who study acting and the are anoying in your face loud and always over act everything