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Is Ed Sheeran One of the Sexiest Men Alive?

ed sheeran

Adam Levine may have run away with the title, but Ed Sheeran was also nominated for People’s Sexiest Men Alive… competition? Honour? Whatever. If he seems like an odd choice, don’t worry – he thought so too.

“One of the reasons I said yes to being in this issue is because it’s quite funny. Utterly ridiculous! I don’t think anyone sees me as a sex symbol. I don’t know who the voting party are for People, but thank you. It’s very kind. But I’m sure I’m the only person on this list who has a belly.”

“Though I guess Austin Powers was considered a sex symbol, and we share similar physical-appearance qualities. I brush my teeth though. My other usual grooming habits are showering and a shave now and then. Sometimes I put on a suit. Or not! I get voted worst-dressed quite a lot, so I obviously don’t put much thought into it.”

I love me a bit of Ed Sheeran and think he’s lovely. It’s so great to see the success he’s having here in the US. I remember when he was just a little unknown guy with a guitar in the UK, so he’s come a long way. I can’t rate his physical attractiveness, mostly because he’s not in my forte, being the wrong gender and all. That’s not to say that I can’t recognise hotness when it’s staring me in the face, but he’s just… Ed!

What do you think, ladies? Want a piece of him?

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