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Ireland Baldwin Stands Up For Her Dad — It’s Kind Of Awkward


Ireland Baldwin is standing up for her dad, Alec Baldwin, who just got suspended by his new bosses at MSNBC for making gay slurs, again. Alec Baldwin is like a child, except in this case, instead of stealing from the cookie jar, he’s using hate speech, and instead of being grounded, he gets his show taken away from him for two weeks. Oh the life of a celebrity!

His daughter Ireland is standing up for him even though he infamously called her a pig in a very mean voice mail message that leaked a few years ago. I get wanting to defend your dad, but man, it’s kind of awkward how she does it. She turns to twitter and makes a series of tweets that are just kind of, “Oh girl, no.” And there’s just so many of them. She pulled a Kelly Osbourne. Here are all of her tweets, most recent to oldest:






Like, girl. Come on. COME ON.

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  • It would appear that she’s been making excuses for him for so long, she’s gotten rather good at it.