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Jake Gyllenhaal Punched A Mirror


Jake Gyllenhaal punched a mirror and had to get stitches. No, it wasn’t exactly a fluke accident, like Zac Efron’s jaw-breaker. Mr. Gyllenhaal was really into his character. He did it while filming Nightcrawler, for which he lost about 20 pounds. He was really into the scene and actually punched a mirror and it broke and cut him pretty badly. Here’s more from People, via USA Today: reports that he “flipped out” and punched a mirror. All as part of the scene.

Mara Buxbaum, Gyllenhaal’s rep, told AP that he was back for a final day of filming after “a few hours in the emergency room.”

She confirmed that he hit a mirror, which unexpectedly broke and cut his hand. She said it was “badly cut up” and required “numerous stiches,” reports AP

Yikes. Sounds like he’s turning into Christian Bale. That guy really puts everything into his work. Sometimes too much. Remember when he yelled at the lighting guy? Classic Bale.

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  • How can you punch a mirror (glass) and have it “unexpectedly” break? Anyhow, aren’t all glass objects in film scenes supposed to be made of sugar, plastic or CGI puts in the effects later? 7 years bad luck, Jake.