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Lily Allen’s New Single, ‘Hard Out Here’, Is Kinda the Best

lily allen hard out here

Lily Allen has been teasing a comeback for a while now, and I was beginning to get slightly impatient, when all of a sudden I heard her voice in the new John Lewis Christmas ad. Sure, she was doing a cover of a Keane song, but it was cute and seasonal and a start, dammit. Lucky for us, we got an original Lily track a week later in the form of her new single, ‘Hard Out Here’.

Oh man, is this song excellent. Classic Lily sarcasm and sass with a whole lot of truth. You didn’t REALLY think she was going to come back to music and just start playing the game without calling out all the bullshit, right? Cos that’s definitely not the case. ‘Hard Out Here’ pokes fun at – and takes serious issue with – the state of the industry, especially as it applies to women. You could say it’s “empowering” – I’m sure Lily would.

What do you think of the new track? Are you excited for Lily’s comeback? (Note: This vid is pretty NSFW!)

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  • Pretty catchy song. She really doesn’t have much range, and her only schtick is her forced cockney affectations, but still, I don’t think she’ll have to worry where her next meal comes from .

    I like the old gray haired dude the best, tho.

  • i’m with mutt. still very likeable, this broad… the autotune just KILLS me though, oh, Lilz, stay away from that horseshit!

  • I think she used autotune to emphasize how much the industry is dependent on it anymore. Either way, I love the song.

  • I think Lily Allen is beautiful in every way women with curves are the best because they don’t starve themselves to be skinny they just be who they want to be

  • I’m incredibly disappointed in her using black women as props. She thinks she is subverting and criticising the music industry but she is doing exactly the same as Miley Cyrus is. The lyrics are good but the video, Jesus wept. I was always a massive Lily fan and I am so disappointed in her, I found extremely racist. How can you uplift women, how can you say it’s satire when you are doing the same thing as everyone else is doing without any traces of condemning it? It’s like Seth what-his-face with Family Guy. Just because you say it’s satire, it doesn’t mean it translates well. A white woman singing about being objectified and then the video does exactly that with black woman. Oh, Lily.

    • sarcasm:
      A tongue of which the user speaks of something the complete opposite of what the user means. It often has the best comedic value.

      Also, she has addressed that “race problem” (which I didn’t think she should have done);

    • 1) No matter how obvious satire is, someone’s always going to think it’s real. That’s a reflection of them, not the satirist. With satire, the line is always arbitrary.

      2) Satire with a straight face is often more effective than satire that’s outright ridiculous. It makes us more uncomfortable, which is less easy to laugh off than pure comedy.

      What I would have liked is for Lily to degrade herself the way the other women are. It would have been much more effective, and wouldn’t have left her open to criticism. With the video as it is, she appears to want her cake and to eat it, too.

      If I were one to speculate, I could speculate that perhaps the video was created exactly so it creates the most amount of noise possible. Here we are, debating whether and how offensive the video really is, after all.


    Love it.

    Don’t care too much for the song. Political correctness and social activism seems to be having a revival, lately. Can’t wait for this fad to pass! It really brings out the ugly, passive-aggressive side of people.

  • the chorus has grown on me. catchy betch! twerking is still dumb as fuck though. that was a mistake. sorry, lilz.