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1Lily Allen Might Be Releasing New Music Soon(-ish)

lily allen

Lily Allen has been out of the spotlight – well, mostly – for the past several years to live her life, marry her husband, have little babies, start a fashion line, etc. It’s a shame, really; both of her albums – Alright, Still and It’s Not Me, It’s You – were fantastic and hold up to this day, so I always sorta hoped she would get back into the music game. Well, it seems like she just might!

On Twitter, Popjustice (a great UK-based pop music site) was tweeting about how “unequivocally amazing” it would be if Beyoncé released a single on iTunes before adding that he (Peter Robinson, the guy behind the site) felt the same about Lily. She then replied suggesting that March or April 2014 might be the magic date:

YESSSSS. Even though that’s a long way away, I REALLY hope it happens.

August 21, 2013 at 9:30 am by Jennifer
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