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A Kate Moss For Playboy Sneak Peek!


Kate Moss is going to celebrate turning 40 by being on the cover of Playboy magazine! And look how very elegant they are with her (above). Nothing like Lindsay “Chair Straddle Or Die” Lohan’s photo shoot, poor girl. The Moss issue also happens to be Playboy‘s 60th anniversary issue. So why go with Kate Moss? Here’s what Hugh Hefner told The Daily Mail, via Daily News:

She’s a worldwide celebrity and iconic and crosses the boundaries from sexual imagery to upscale modeling. It’s a natural for us.

Of course, because Hef and Playboy are all about upscale modeling.

Anyone else want to see the un-photoshopped pix of this shoot as badly as I do?

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  • Classy? The wan is down on all fours bent over in an animal costume.. Yea, real classy. She’s not naked or half as bad as the whores who normally grace the magazine’s pages, but our view of classy has certainly become distorted over the years due to the lines of what’s appropriate being blurred constantly. So in comparison this looks mild. Still doesn’t make it classy.

  • Kate Moss is an unquestionably, magnificently drug and cigarette addled, infected skank. Having said that, the cover picture isn’t bad, if you don’t mind making Adobe stock holders rich.