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Brazil Is Slapping Bieber With A Graffiti Charge

justin bieber chris brown

Justin Bieber lives his life like he can do anything and we’re all just lucky to be in it, so I’m happy that Brazil stood up and said, “Oh HELL no.” They’re slapping him with a graffiti charge. What’s really funny about this is that Bieber had permission from the city Rio de Janeiro to paint on a wall, but Bieber chose to paint on a wall closer to his hotel. The official charge from police is (via People magazine), “Defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti or other means.” The police statement goes on to say, “Authorization granted by the city did not extend to other locations.” BIEBER YOU ARE SUCH A TOOL!

Apparently he picked his own wall because he wanted to, “avoid local fans.” Oh I bet he did. Mwuahaha.

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  • I must stand with Bieber on this one. This charge is ridiculous. The wall was ALREADY heavily graffited – like nearly every other wall in this godforsaken city. Bieber did not spoil anything. I wish all of the graffiters in Rio would be as considerate… or that Rio’s government would give the other graffiters the same “consideration”.