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Anne Hathaway Isn’t Pregnant, Everyone!

anne hathaway adam shulman

Anne Hathaway hasn’t really been in the spotlight lately – not that anyone misses her – but in an effort to drum up some press again (does she have a movie coming out or something?), someone started some rumour that she’s pregnant. That someone was her own brother, but apparently it’s not true anyway.

From E! News:

Anne Hathaway is not pregnant, a rep for the actress tells E! News. The rumor stems from the Nov. 18 issue of Star magazine, which claims the Academy Award winner’s brother, Tom, let the news slip while he was performing at a comedy show in Brooklyn.

If the baby rumors were true—and they’re not—it would be the first child for Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman, who tied the knot in September 2012.

Well, that’s news we’re all better off knowing about, eh? I mean, after all, the last we’d heard from her, she was busy being a bitch on a flight from LA to NYC. It’s good to see that she’s still alive and kicking, I guess.

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  • I miss Anne. I know you don’t Jennifer, because she has talent and you don’t.
    Anne is a true proformer , you are just a hack writer ..
    You can’t get a job on a real publication , you are stuck on the cyber rag.
    See me when you win an award for great writing…

    Mucking raking BITCH!!!