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Denise Richards Can’t Handle Charlie Sheen’s Bad Ass Kids Anymore

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Denise Richards has been looking after Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s 4-year-old twins, Bob and Max, for the past few months since their parents are both raging drug addicts with no ability to parent a child. However, things are about to become a whole lot messier as even Denise can’t handle these little bad asses anymore. They’re torturing her dogs and her daughters and just being really violent and throw their own shit, among other things. Denise has had enough, so much so that she went to the authorities to tell them so.

From TMZ:

Sources connected with DCFS tell TMZ … Denise wrote a letter to the agency, saying the kids are violent and out of control, and she says it’s ALL Brooke’s fault.

DCFS sources say the letter details horrifying conduct.  Denise says Bob and Max often go into a “zombie-like state” — they repeatedly kick her dogs in the head and squeeze their heads with both hands while watching the dogs whimper in pain.  She also says the kids will flip from sweetly petting the dog to strangling the animals and lifting them off the ground by the neck.

According to the letter, Denise would tell the kids they were hurting the dogs, and Bob and Max would reply that they wanted to hurt and kill the dogs.

According to the letter, the violence is not limited to animals.  Denise says her daughters — Sam, Lola and Eloise — have been targets of the boys.  She says her daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on by Bob and Max.  Denise describes one incident which she seems to blame on Brooke — after visiting Mueller, Bob threw a toy at Sam’s face and she had to go to the doctor.

Denise says Bob and Max went to school in September and they have been problematic from the get-go.  She says Bob in particular has harmed other kids and punched and slapped teachers in the face.

Denise says the kids have also thrown their own feces into the bathroom of one of her daughters.

In the letter, Denise connects the bad conduct to the time the kids spend at Brooke’s home, claiming they act out violently when they are returned to Denise.  She also says the kids have had horrible nightmares after returning from Brooke’s home, where the kids would stay up with her til 4 AM.

In the long letter to DCFS, Denise — who has temporary guardianship of the boys while Brooke deals with her drug problems — says pediatricians have advised her to seek psychological counseling for the boys, but Brooke has blocked that effort.

This is actually a really sad story, because these kids are MESSED UP due to the situations they’ve been around for most of their lives up until this point. Also, the fact that Charlie’s ex-wife is looking after his kids… I mean, it’s all just a giant mess, isn’t it? I don’t really know anything about Denise Richards, but the woman is a saint for taking all this on on, because she’s clearly doing it out of the kindness of her heart and the sake of these children. But her daughters must be like, HELL NO, get these little bastards out of here! What a tough situation for everyone involved, especially Bob and Max, who I feel need to get into counseling NOW or else they’re gonna end up exactly like their parents :(

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  • oh great, future serial killers… people like charlie & brooke should STOP BREEDING!!! fucking idiots…

  • All three of these so called adults need to stop airing their dirty deeds to every internet blog and site and start thinking and caring about what is best for the children. The kids have serious problems because both of their parents have serious problems. Idiots, I agree.

    • It sounds like DCFS leaked the letter actually, which is super uncool. I feel terrible for those poor kids and Denise, who seems to be doing the best she can in a terrible situation for these poor boys. How has Martin Sheen not stepped up for his grandsons?? O rEmilio?

  • she is a saint for trying to give these innocent little guys a home with his other siblings not many people would step up and help out like Denise did. The courts need to give Denise the authority to help these lil guys and stop their pysco bio mom from having contact.if u notice the bad out of control behaviors started after pysco Brooke came into the pic .also there were injuries on the children after Brookes time with them.
    This needs to be about the kids not just because Brooke is bio mom she should see her kids.
    I personally had to deal with the courts giving visits to bio parents of children I was given custody of even after serious burns etc.Just because you gave birth doesn’t give you the right to see a child/children if it is not safe physically or emotionally.

  • I will take care of them for Charlie…with all his kindness to others, I can’t believe he did not love these 2 babies as much as he was able to. 55 grand a month? jeez life can be so unfair. Sorry Charlie I hope your life gets more under control by you. I love you much buddy! be well and try and give those boys more love. I know you have it in you.
    Big Hug