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Mick Jagger’s Stuffy Reply To Katy Perry’s Flirting Allegations


Katy Perry gave Australian DJs Ash, Kip & Luttsy on Nova FM a bit of good goss when she revealed that Mick Jagger flirted her when she was 18. Via E Online:

I actually went to dinner with [Jagger] one time, and he hit on me when I was like 18! …but that was a long time ago, and since then he’s been very kind and I got to sing ‘Beasts of Burden’ on their stage with him on their tour on the Rolling Stone tour.

Mick Jagger’s publicist gave this stuffy reply:

Mick Jagger categorically denies that he has ever made a pass at Katy Perry…Perhaps she is confusing him with someone else.

Dude, come on. Even I would hit on an 18-year-old Katy Perry. I’d hit on her any year. I’d hit on her 40 years from now. And I’m straight and have a boyfriend. Jagger’s publicist shouldn’t have released a statement, because now it just makes Jagger look old and stuffy and makes it seem like he really did hit on her. I absolutely believe that a little flirting went down. And that’s okay, dude. Maybe she creeped him out by asking him for a lock of his hair.

Professionally, things are going great for Ms. Perry — Prism is at the top of the charts and that can’t be denied.

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