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People Are Apparently Flipping Out Over Melissa McCarthy’s Elle Cover

melissa mccarthy elle cover

People are apparently flipping out over Melissa McCarthy‘s Elle magazine cover — and not in a good way. God forbid you put a heavy (by Hollywood standards) woman in an overcoat on a fashion magazine cover. The issue (no pun intended) appears to be that she’s covered up. People are saying the magazine is “fat shaming” her. Here’s more from E Online:

… while the 43-year-old actress undoubtedly looks stunning in the shot, critics are slamming Elle for covering up the curvy actress, who’s barely showing any skin while bundled up in a charcoal Marina Rinaldi coat.

Alternate covers for the annual issue feature Reese Witherspoon showing off her figure in a fitted black Versace dress, Shailene Woodley wearing a strappy black swimsuit and Penélope Cruz flaunting her flawless face in a close-up shot. (For the record, Cruz, who just recently gave birth to her second child, isn’t showing any skin, either.)

Both Elle and Ms. McCarthy are happy with the cover.

I, for one, am displeased with the cover because holy hell, what in the everloving f-ck did they do to her hair?? It’s like they picked Elizabeth Taylor‘s worst era and used that as inspiration.

What do you think of the cover? Do you like it? Or are you being a total Rex Reed about it?

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  • Okay, agreed that hair is atrocious, but in general, I think she looks good. However, quit acting like she isn’t fat. To I’m ply that she’s only fat according to Hollywood is ridiculous. She fat by any standards of fat. Curvy and fat are two different things too, so don’t throw that label on it either. Whats wrong in saying she’s fat? Big deal. So she’s fat, I’m pretty sure that us calling it something other than what she is, isn’t going to make it go away…just say it. Yes, she fat. Big deal. She’s also funny as he’ll and seems okay with it.

    • I agree 100% with you Blah! Curvey is not another word for fat! Skinny girls can be curvey too! She is fat and if she’s happy with the photo shoot / cover than whatever! Everyone get over it!

  • One of the big cover headlines is “the perfect new coat shape” so it’s not like it’s totally unwarranted.

  • Magazine covers should be alluring and convince you to pick up the issue and buy it. If I saw this on the newsstand, I’d walk right by it. It does not do justice to either Melissa *or* the coat – why not just show a close up of her face? The coat looks completely shapeless the way she’s holding it. Ergh.

  • My first thought after seeing this picture was, “Jeezus, did Stevie Wonder do her hair?” It’s a nice shot and I don’t mind seeing women of size in fashion — it offers a bit of diversity, and reality, in an industry that likes to think a 12 is plus-size.

  • I love the ppl who are complaining about this Why is she stuck in this coat blah blah blah MAYBE Melisa doesn’t want to be in a swimsuit on the cover MAYBE she is happy with this pic she did after all choose it.

  • Oh I absolutely agree. In fact, when I looked at the cover, even before I read the headline, was “ah yes of course they covered her up in an oversized coat”. She could be the happiest with the cover, it still doesn’t deny the fact that they decided to cover her up with a blanket when they usually show so much skin on the cover.

  • I think she looks great her hair her face everything get over people who cares if she looks is fat skinny tall short she is very talent person and terrific and funny comedian.