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Rex Reed Still Isn’t Done Talking About Melissa McCarthy

rex reed melissa mccarthy

This is one of the more tedious and frustrating celeb tiffs out there. Rex Reed said really mean things about Melissa McCarthy‘s body a while ago. She didn’t respond at first. She finally did, expressing pity for him. He wasn’t going to let that go, so he responded, and tried to make it sound like his whole critique of her body, which was hidden inside of a film review, as if calling her “a female hippo” like he did had anything to do with her performance, was out of kindness and concern for her health, and the health of all fat people. US Weekly has the sad exclusive:

I can only repeat what I have said before — that I do not have, nor have I ever had, anything personal against people who suffer from obesity. What I object to is the disgusting attempt to pretend obesity is funny. It is not remotely humorous, and every obese comedian who ever made jokes about the disease are now dead from strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. As a critic whose opinions are constitutionally protected by law, I stand by all of my original remarks about Melissa McCarthy’s obesity, which I consider about as amusing as cancer, and apologize for nothing.

Does this make any sense to anyone? His statement reminds me of this:

It’s like he’s really trying to focus on a bigger issue as if it makes him sound like some great activist when really he’s a bitter dude who cruelly insulted a woman for no real reason. Some people do not know how to apologize.

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  • He looks like a boozer, which is worse by far, in my opinion, than being a food medicator. He is comparing addictions, and saying his is better.

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  • What about actors and actresses who die from complications of being underweight? If he is going to be an ass about things he might as well be equal opportunist about it.

  • I found this on Wikipedia. Could be that the man has certain “compulsion” problems.


    In February 2000, Reed was arrested for shoplifting after leaving a Tower Records, in Manhattan, with CDs by Mel Tormé, Peggy Lee, and Carmen McRae in his jacket pockets. Reed, who had just purchased two other CDs, says he forgot about the other three CDs and his offer to pay for them was refused. The charges were later dropped.[8] According to Reed, several days after the arrest Peggy Lee sent him her entire catalog of CDs, because “she was so thrilled I wanted one of her CDs enough to put myself through so much hell.”[9

  • And that he is a hypocrite for mudslinging other celebrities for their own possibly compulsiveness.?

  • 2 truths: this guy is a raging asshole, aaaand she does look like a hippo. the one from Madagascar. sorry.

  • He’s got a big red nose like my late alcoholic ex-uncle and I do not apologize for saying it.

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  • Pot calling kettle black, he’s fat and ugly ( no, this is not Amanda Bynes!) whereas Melissa is fat, talented and gorgeous!

  • Rex Reed and all other critics are the real cancer.People work on something for years and then critics tear it down I a few minutes.What actual talent do these people have?Snide is not a talent.Melissa is a beautiful woman and a talented actress.

    • Rex Reed has been around for a l o n g time. He is still a prissy know-it-all and should clean up his own back yard. Melissa is funny cuz she’s a great actress, not because she’s over-weight. I am sure she doesn’t choose to be over- weight any more than you chose to be a gay man. Maybe you’re jealous of her popularity, but you are no where near as talented…if you’re even talented….going after melissa is just going to make you appear as a total jerk looking for some attention…it’s not positive either!

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  • Rex Reed’s problem with Melissa McCarthy is that though she may be obese, unlike him she has a vagina and can have children. Something he will NEVER be able to do. Even after surgery.