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Kanye West Blames That Paparazzi Attack on His Grandfather Dying

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We all do crazy things when we’re under stress – we lash out at those closest to us, maybe we sleep a lot or slack off at work or become recluses. Kanye West grabs photographers, puts them in a headlock and smashes their cameras… at least that’s his explanation for his fight with a paparazzo earlier this year. You see, Kanye had just found out his grandfather was dying, so he felt like going out and busting some heads, I suppose.

Here’s what he told TMZ:

“It’s not about being a superstar, it’s about being a human being… If you had a daughter, and you guys say crazy shit to me all the time, I couldn’t imagine my daughter being 4 years old and you guys screaming at us.

“The guy set me up at the airport the other day, laughing and shit. That was the day I found out that my grandfather was not gonna make it. But when I’m coming out the airport, they tried to antagonise me and I tried to stop his camera.”

“He fell down, faked it and then people were like ‘Why did you hit that guy?’ I obviously didn’t hit the guy. But I’m going through shit, I’m trying to have a business call… I know you guys are gonna photograph me, it’s all good – we’re in this together, you guys help me, you help Kim’s power and everything.”I’m not trying to fuck you guys. I’d prefer if we just had a decent [relationship].”

That must be the most words Kanye has ever spoken to the paps in his entire career combined. Also, that’s quite a change of heart from two days ago on Jimmy Kimmel when he went on his “I don’t care about cameras, I’m a creative genius and there’s no denying it” rant. Still, I do agree with his protectiveness over his daughter, and I’m glad he realises that Kim thrives on the paparazzi and would be nothing without them. Sometimes Kanye speaks truth – though the whole “I hit him cos he was antagonizing me” thing is stupid.

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  • i can certainly empathize, he chose his words a little more wisely this time, but they “help Kim’s power” – seriously? GET THE FUCK OUT. power schmower. none of that bullshit matters in the end. keep sniffin’ that coca, dude…

  • Creative genius?? YEA RIGHT! I think his music totally sucks ass and so do a lot of other sane minded people out there in the world, so his declaration of being a frigging genius is a little off there..

    If anything, South Park’s “Gay Fish” song is one thousand times more listenable than ANYTHING he has ever released and that is a fact!

    Gay fish yo, motherfckn gay fish
    Making love to other gay fish!