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Cory Monteith’s Father Feels “Torn Apart” By His Son’s Death

cory monteith

I never knew much about Cory Monteith‘s personal life, but apparently his parents split up when he was pretty young, in 1989, and Joe Monteith only got to see Cory again two years ago, after an 11-year absence. Apparently Cory’s mother, Ann McGregor, kept Joe from seeing Cory and would even return the Christmas presents he sent, leading Cory to think that his father wanted nothing to do with him. Well, that’s lovely. He was even excluded from seeing Cory’s body before he was cremated, and he’s not handling any of this well. :(

From People:

Joe Monteith, Cory’s estranged father, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview that he wakes up heartbroken every morning, missing his son and wishing he could have said goodbye.

“It’s just ripping my insides out and tearing me apart,” the elder Monteith, 63, says tearfully.

“I lost my son,” says Joe. “He should have known not to touch that drug again.”

Oh man, that’s all just so sad. That’s all I can really say about it. Parents need to keep their kids out of their personal issues, as well, instead of using them as weapons. That’s just ridiculous.

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