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Lamar Odom Believes In “Self Healing” Over Rehab

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Lamar Odom has a lot of family drama going on in the midst of his drug problems. There were also rumors he went to rehab, which he denied. Apparently his thought is that he doesn’t need rehab; that because she’s been sober for 5 straight days he has the power to “self heal.” From TMZ:

Sources connected to the troubled BBaller tell TMZ … Lamar believes in what he calls “self-healing” and says he has the willpower to kick his drug habit on his own.

Lamar says he’s done it successfully before and is convinced he can do it again.

Toward that end, he is telling people he is removing certain “friends” from his life … so he doesn’t relapse.

Lamar says he’s open to getting professional help, but only in private and not in a rehab facility. He has not yet committed to getting such help.

If he’s done this more than once, doesn’t that mean it wasn’t actually successful?

I maintain that he is taking up permanent residence in Denial City.

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  • Wait a minnit. Isn’t “done it successfully before” and having to do it again a contradiction? I suppose he’d have to understand what the word “contradiction” means….

  • Poor Lamar is starting too look as much like a crackhead as his father. He has obviously twisted completely off, it’s quite sad.

  • If he had gone to rehab and “successfully” completed that and then relapsed like five or ten years afterward, wouldn’t that rehab stint still be considered a successful one, being he had completed it? Regardless if he relapsed years later, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t complete it and stopped doing drugs for how many years. It’s the same thing with his “self help” method then.. He quit for a few years or however long and that was a success, he totally stopped and got over it. Done deal. But then certain things in his life triggered his drug use again, and that doesn’t mean he didn’t successfully quit before. I bet it was that damn Kartrashian family and their constant need for attention and TV shows that pushed him to it. That kind of shit would drive any human to drug addiction, regardless of their past..