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Adorable: Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe Play Words With Friends Together

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Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe made a movie where they share a bath together and apparently the experience was just too magical to let go of. So they’re keeping in touch by playing Words With Friends. This is just effing adorable to me. Why Words With Friends, guys? Hamm says, from Pop 2 It via E! News,

Because that’s basically the 21st century way of staying in touch.

I’m a fan of his [Daniel Radcliffe]. He’s a lovely guy. He’s wildly intelligent and super funny and super talented. I like to have people in my life who are all three of these things.

I love that Hammdong describes Radcliffe as “a lovely guy.” I’m sure he’s the kind of chap who would make his own “get well soon” card for Hamm, who is going to have throat surgery to remove a polyp.


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