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Here’s Little Mix’s New Single, ‘Move’

little mix

I know Little Mix are a bit for the teeny crowd, but I really love them, and I have ever since they were four random ass girls thrown together on The X Factor UK a couple of years ago. They’ve found quite a bit of success both back in the UK and even here in the States, and I’m really happy for them, especially since 1/2 the band are Geordies (big up to the North East) and they’re all really nice. Plus, their songs are catchy! And fine, if you need more context, one of them is engaged to Zayn from One Direction.

‘Move’ is their new single, and while it’s not officially out until November 3rd, they played it on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw this morning. On a side note, what the hell does it mean for a single not to be “out” until a certain date when it’s played nonstop (and obviously mp3s will be around)? It seems kind of a bad move to release a single over a month before its sale date since by the time it’s actually available on iTunes or something, it’ll probably be played out, no?

Anyhow, have a listen – what do you think?

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