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Daniel Radcliffe Is Ready to “Bum Around” New York

daniel radcliffe

Keep it clean, people – he didn’t mean it that way (OR DID HE?). Nah, basically he’s been working since he was a small child and now Daniel Radcliffe is ready to take a break and just live his life for a bit. Can’t fault him for that, really. And by “a break”, he means a few weeks. Gotta strike while the iron is hot, I suppose?

From The Daily Star:

“I do need a break – doing Cripple was amazing but the last month was slightly exhausting.

“I’ve got three weeks off in October and I’m going to bum around New York and see some shows.

“I need to get some proper down time, I do need time off but the truth is I’m a workaholic.”

There ya go. I’ll keep my eye out for a Dan Radcliffe signing and then I’ll go, “Expelliarmus!” because I’m sure that never happens to him and isn’t at all annoying, right?

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